North Madison

North Madison offers an abundance of nature, including 1,000’s of acres of parks, wetlands, conservancy and beaches. With its local boutiques and cute downtown, Waunakee offers that small town vibe with plenty of charm. Scroll down to learn more about the neighborhoods and suburbs of Madison’s north side.



Residing along the northern shore of Lake Mendota, Westport offers hiking trails, parks and water access. Here you’ll enjoy the Mendota County Park (with camping), the Yahara Heights County Park (with dog park), and the beautiful Governor Nelson State Park. Cherokee Marsh and Pheasant Branch Conservancy are just a hop, skip and a jump away. Bask in the small town vibe while residing within minutes of Waunakee, Middleton and Madison. Westport offers a variety of local restaurants and bars, both on and off the water. Check out Westport’s lakeside live music events in the summer.

 North Madison

Comprised of several neighborhoods, Madison’s Northside is a nature lover’s playground. With acres upon acres of parks, forest, trails, conservancy and wetlands (thanks to Lake Mendota, the Yahara River, Warner Park and Cherokee Marsh), you can’t possibly get bored. Come for the snowshoeing, cross country skiing, birding, hiking, biking, paddling and fishing.

The Northside’s business and community offerings continue to grow. Don’t miss the Ale Asylum, Willy Street Co-op, Warner Park Community Center, FEED Kitchen (check out their food cart nights!), and the  Mallards Stadium. Live music, candlelit walks and other community events are offered at Warner Park and Cherokee Marsh throughout the year. A new public pool at the Warner Park Community Center is being discussed.

Town of Burke,
Windsor & DeForest

Nestled between Token Creek, the Upper Yahara River and Cherokee Marsh, plentiful outdoor activities like paddling, snowshoeing, hiking, birding and cross country skiing await.

Once complete, the Yahara River Trail System in DeForest will loop through the village, providing about 18 miles of trails, connecting Cherokee Marsh to Token Creek as well.

Windsor, the Town of Burke and DeForest boast 100’s of acres of parks, community gardens and conservancy space. Madison is minutes away.


Town of Vienna

At a population of around 1,600, Vienna may be “just right” for those craving a small town with quick access to urban amenities. With Waunakee and DeForest just 10 minutes away, dining, bars, coffee and locally owned boutiques are just down the road.


This charming village buzzes with activity as its architecturally interesting downtown offers a handful of locally owned shops, each one offering beautifully curated collections of local wares. Waunakee offers a wellness center, brewery, multiple dining options and a wine bar as well.

With beautiful parks & conservation areas nearby, Waunakee is great choice for many.

Springfield Corners

Just on the outskirts of Waunakee, Middleton, and Cross Plains, this rural community is down the road from the historic and beautiful Indian Lake County Park. Hike, snowshoe or cross country ski the winding trails to take in the park’s breathtaking views, or hit one of the popular cycling routes that pass through the area.